Vitamins and nutritional substances recommended for pregnant women – choline

The diet of pregnant women should be well-balanced to provide both the mother and the growing baby with all the necessary nutritional substances. Understandably, the body’s demand for vitamins and minerals increases significantly during pregnancy. Today, we will have a look at choline, a component which is deficient in many women.

Choline – what exactly is it?

Choline was classified amongst the well-known B vitamins. Over time, however, this view was regarded as outdated. Today, the substance in question is referred to as vitamin-like. Its deficiency may have a bad effect on both the mother’s and the baby’s bodies. Therefore, it is recommended that it should be supplemented especially by pregnant women. The indicated daily intake of choline amounts to as much as 550 mg. Hence, it is impossible to satisfy the demand through the food consumed. Help is offered by various supplements for pregnant women, which are easily available in every pharmacy.

A substance needed by the mum and the baby

Choline contributes to proper development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. Through its supplementation during pregnancy, you will reduce the risk of neural tube defects, preeclampsia and premature childbirth. Choline will also have a positive effect on the hepatic functions of a young mum. If you care about a well-balanced diet full of vitamins, which will support your body both during pregnancy and in the breastfeeding period, do not forget about choline. Take care of its adequate supplementation to enjoy good health!

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