Beginnings of pregnancy

If your menstrual cycle is regular, you can observe absence of menstrual bleeding approximately two weeks after conception. It may also be accompanied by other symptoms — perhaps you will notice them even before you realise that your menstrual bleeding is missing, especially if you dream about a baby and are alert to these changes. Go to your doctor to make sure if you are pregnant and learn more about prenatal care. Your body is undergoing changes induced by the so-called pregnancy hormones, which are released into the bloodstream and affect your body.

The breasts start to change soon after conception. Your body starts to produce a tissue for the production and storage of milk. You breasts may seem more tender than usual. The areolar tubercles – tiny spots around the nipple become more visible.

You may feel nauseous and find it hard to tolerate certain foods and smells. Some women vomit. This usually happens in the morning, but also at other times of the day. The metallic taste in the mouth may affect the gustatory perception of foods. The smell of some foodstuffs may cause nausea.

You may feel tired. Some women say that they feel more tired than ever at the beginning of their pregnancy.

It might turn out that you urinate more frequently. This is caused by changes in the hormone balance that lead to overgrowth and flabbiness of the muscles in the urinary system.

The changes during pregnancy do not affect only the reproductive organ, but they occur in all the other organs of your body. Such changes are adaptive in nature and their task is to reduce the strains exerted on the mother’s body by the developing pregnancy.

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