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How to identify the onset of delivery? A response by Dr Filip Dąbrowski

We invite you to read the series of articles entitled “Delivery seen by a gynaecologist” (Polish title: “Poród oczami ginekologa”), in which Dr Filip Dąbrowski demystifies the issues related to childbirth by addressing the most frequent questions asked by female patients.     How to identify the onset of delivery? For many people, the only […]

Vitamins and nutritional substances recommended for pregnant women – choline

The diet of pregnant women should be well-balanced to provide both the mother and the growing baby with all the necessary nutritional substances. Understandably, the body’s demand for vitamins and minerals increases significantly during pregnancy. Today, we will have a look at choline, a component which is deficient in many women. Choline – what exactly is it? Choline was classified amongst the […]

Beginnings of pregnancy

If your menstrual cycle is regular, you can observe absence of menstrual bleeding approximately two weeks after conception. It may also be accompanied by other symptoms — perhaps you will notice them even before you realise that your menstrual bleeding is missing, especially if you dream about a baby and are alert to these changes. […]

Antenatal (parent craft) classes – 100% YES.

Even though the knowledge about the perinatal period, baby care and the labour itself can be partially found in different books, journals or websites, it also seems essential to consult specialists with in-depth expertise. An ideal place for broadening one’s knowledge and practical skills is offered by antenatal (parent craft) classes. Attending such classes helps […]

Truths and myths about breastfeeding.

Speaking about breastfeeding, it should be borne in mind that each healthy mum is capable of feeding her baby and satisfy all its needs. It is the natural ability possessed by every single woman. Still, however, immediately after giving birth, all the mums are faced with the dilemma of how to feed their babies – […]

Innate intelligence

… or what do reading books and listening to music have in common with your baby’s development. Many pregnant women speak to their bellies from the beginning of pregnancy. This way, they establish the first contact with the baby developing in their womb. These and other mothers-to-be, as well as fathers-to-be, read fairy tales or […]

Small yet immune

… or is it possible to boost the baby’s immune system before it is born or immediately afterwards? It might seem that upon birth the baby’s digestive system is sterile. However, this is not exactly so. Research provides evidence that it is already in the mother’s womb that a baby is exposed to contact with […]